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FYI, I've moved this blog to TypePad. It's much easier to customize and manage blogs with this service, although it is not free. So if you're one of the two people who look at this site, make a note of this change!





I've been looking a bit more closely at blogging and all that it entails. I'm especially interested in life beyond Blogger and how people create and maintain well designed and interactive weblogs. This site has come to my attention as one way of increasing web traffic for a blog, so I'm going to give it a try.


Apple Matters | Handicapping the 12th

Apple Matters | Handicapping the 12th

Oh I am excited about tomorrow! I wonder what the big reveal will be. This article sums up the rampant rumors. I'm voting that it will be an iPod Video.


Friday 5: Misc. Sites

The Friday 5

Hi Subscribers,

Here's a quick list of sites that I think are worth checking out. Again,
I learned about most of these during the Apple Distinguished Educator
Institute last week.

The Friday 5 is going to continue in its present form, but I'm also
going to be sending out the list via Yahoo! Groups. The reason for this
is that people can subscribe to the RSS feed in Yahoo Groups. If you
have no idea what I am talking about, don't worry because I will be
addressing the subject of RSS feeds and news aggregators in a future
issue! If you are interested in joining the Yahoo Group for the Friday
5, please visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/friday5/.

Have a great week,

Lucy Gray
The University of Chicago Laboratory Schools


1) Domino Artwork

A teacher at my school just had her students render the Mona Lisa in
dominoes, so I decided to check out the web site of the artist who
inspired their project.

2) MabryOnline.org

This is the school web site designed by its principal and my ADE
classmate, Dr. Tim Tyson. I really like the design of his site and
also of his blog: http://mabryonline.org/blogs/tyson/ .

3) Teoma

Another search engine which I think is of the same technology behind Ask

4) Tux Paint

This open source drawing software for kids was recommended by my
roommate at the ADE Institute.

5) November Learning

This is the web site of our ADE Institute keynote speaker, Alan

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The Friday 5 is published sporadicallly during the summer months!


TagCloud - View Cloud

TagCloud - View Cloud

I found out about this free service while looking at someone's blog from NECC. You add rss subscriptions, and a list is generated of keywords based on what you've subscribed to. Pretty cool!


Friday 5: NECC 2005

Hi Everyone,

Long time, no Friday 5! I think I'm going to sporadically send out
Friday 5 lists during the summer as I'm just too busy these days. Here
are a few sites that I've picked up from that National Educational
Computing Conference which concluded today in Philadelphia. I didn't see
as many sessions as I normally have in past years, so I don't have a
slew of sites to pass on. However, the buzz at NECC seemed to revolve
around podcasts and blogging, so many of this week's list revolve around
those topics. In light of how podcasting, blogging and RSS feeds are
taking off, I am now going to try and add the Friday 5 to my blog and
hopefully I'll even attempt a podcast this summer. Stay tuned!


Friday 5
NECC 2005

eSchool News Conference Information Center NECC 2005 Weblog

I wrote a few entries for this blog, but they are not posted yet. Make
sure you browse this blog, especially if you were unable to attend the
conference. It's a great way to learn about resources presented during
the three day event.

Germantown Academy

This school was well represented during several sessions. I attended a
foreign language one and I was particularly impressed with the efforts
of their technology integration specialist.

Apple - ITunes - Podcasting

Apple recently announced new podcasting capabilities from within iTunes
for both Mac and PC users. I downloaded the new version of iTunes and
it's unbelievably easy to subcribe to podcasts now.


This is the blog and podcast home of Chicagoan Steve Denbo. Formerly
tech director at another independent school, this man is bravely
returning teaching this fall in the form of a CPS kindergarten teacher.
More power to him! Anyway, he was an emerging star at NECC as he has
been leading the way with podcasting.

Podcasting for Educators - Warlick's Wiki

David Warlick gave a very witty and fun presentation on podcasting today
at NECC. This web site contains his PowerPoint presentation as well as
other podcasting resources.

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Web Sites, Blogs Can Boost Your Career - Yahoo! News

If you do a Google search for the woman's web portfolio mentioned in this article, it pops right up. I thought her site had a nice design to it, and it looks like it's done by a professional company. There are dozens of ways to do something similar, probably without spending a ton on a professional service.

Anyway, I don't think the content of this article involves rocket science. Most people in my field have already realized that having a "web prescence" is important professionally.

I think the next issue regarding personal information online is going to be how to remove yourself from certain situations that may involve details being online. Heck, it seems everyone is googling each other for more info! How much info is enough? And is should everyone be privy to all this information?

Web Sites, Blogs Can Boost Your Career - Yahoo! News


Interactive 'Clickers' Changing Classrooms - Yahoo! News

Interactive 'Clickers' Changing Classrooms - Yahoo! News

Here's something worth checking out! Anyone out there use a clicker?


BRAVO > Project Greenlight

BRAVO > Project Greenlight

Until today, I had never watched this show. It's totally fascinating and a great look behind the scenes of making a movie. Given all the factors involved in producing a film, it's amazing that movies get made at all.

I never paid much attention to the intricacies of moviemaking until I started playing with iMovie. It's changed how I view all media... commericials, music videos, motion pictures...what have you. At any rate, I think any teacher interested in working with multimedia should watch this show.

Besides learning about the movie business, Project Greenlight is giving me insight into collaboration and leadership as a whole. It's very interesting to watch the director particularly because he's not a very assertive person, yet has definite ideas about how things are done. And, I'm not sure if he's quite clear on the concept of going along to get along. The interpersonal skills involved in a huge project whether it's bringing change to a school, spearheading a community improvement project or making a multimillion dollar movie are not that different.

Anyway, I'd like to watch more of this show. I also love Bravo's Inside the Actor's Studio and another show they used to have on turning books into movies. Can't recall the title though.


Playing with Blogger

I edited this Blog's template by pasting in the HTML code that will allow readers to join my Friday 5 listserv. The Friday 5 is a list of five thematically related web sites sent out to teachers on a weekly basis. Look on the left sidebar of this blog if you're interested in joining.

I'm annoyed right now because somehow my personal blog has disappeared from my Blogger "dashboard". I don't recall deleting it, and I can't imagine that I'd do this by mistake. I wrote customer service about this... at least this professional blog hasn't poofed!